Foglio 29 - Wine specifications

Wine Classification   Passito wine


  Prod. area   Cassine, Piedmont, Italy
  Colour   Red
  Annual prod.   4.000 bottles in the good years only
Vineyard Name   Foglio 29
  Subarea   Cassine Superiore
  Exposure   South
  Area   2 Ha
  Vines age   12 years
  Breeding syst.   Guyot
Withering  Method   The clusters of grapes are carefully collected and dried in boxes, following a   selection of the best grapes.
Harvesting  Period   September  
   Method   Manual collection in small drilled boxes


Refinement  In bottle   12 months in our wine cellars
Tasting  Colour   Ruby red, very intense and inviting
   Characteristics   An explosion of fresh and dried fruits flavours with a touch of “Martine” pear jam


Suggestions  Serving temp.   8 - 10°C.  
   Matching food   Excellent served with matured and blue cheeses, pastries or biscuits with   neither topping nor filling, chocolate, nougat and desserts
Specifications  Alcohol   13,5 - 14% by vol
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