Who we are


Renata Cellerino

Villa Felice was born from an inspired guess by Renata Cellerino, a chartered accountant from Alessandria. In 1992 Renata and her husband, Roberto Mignone (a chartered accountant too) bought a beautiful mansion dating from the early nineteenth century from the Oscar Winner and set and costume designer Nino Novarese. The villa, formerly owned by lawyers Simondetti, soon became the ideal location for their agricultural business.

The strong rural heritage, combined with a deep dedication to the land inherited from grandparents and parents, brought Renata to devote herself with ever greater commitment and enthusiasm to the management of the company, which today consists of about fifty hectares of vineyards.

Curiosity, taste for refined things, love and respect for the territory: these are the core ingredients that contribute to develop the “Foglio 29” here at Villa Felice. Foglio 29 is a red passito wine from selected Brachetto vines, ideally suited for desserts and cheese. And now there's a new wine: "Foglio 16".